How Bail Works

When an Individual is arrested, that person will be taking to a local law enforcement station for booking. Once arrested and booked, that arrestee has several options for release pending the conclusion of his or her case.

  • "Your 8th Amendment Right is the Right to Bail”
  • "The bail system is designed to guarantee the appearance of the defendant in court”
There are five different types of Bail:

  • Surety Bond
  • Cash Bond/ Cash Bail
  • Property Bond
  • Release on Own Recognizance ( O.R )
  • Release on Citation (Cite out).

The most common practice of bail bond is Surety bond. For this service, the arrestee is charged a Premium. To be released pursuant to the posting of Surety bond, the arrestee or a relative or friend, typically contacts a bail agent to post surety bond. Prior to the posting of a surety bond, the bail agent undertakes a detailed interview of the guarantor or co-signer as part of the underwriting procedure for bond. Family or Friends of the arrestee assure that the arrestee will appear at his or her appointed court date, as required, until the case is concluded.