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Le Bail Bonds has headquarter in city of San Jose and we also have several locations through out northern and southern California. Our mission is to serve the community by providing top quality, affordable and ethical services.

We understand how difficult of the families whose family members are going through the criminal justice system, therefore we always strive to respond to our clients quickly, ethically, and professionally.

We deal with a wide range of criminal defense attorneys in the state of California. We also have explored the needs of the inmate, and the court system in order to provide better service to everyone involved in the process of bail.

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  • I was in need of a bail bond and found this place online. I called and Chris answered the phone. He was very helpful as made the process so easy. He was able to get me into the office on a moments notice to process bail to get a family member out of jail. When the whole process was done I was extremely satisfied, and I will definitely be coming back if my family is ever in need again. Thank you to Hai, who helped me with the paperwork, and Chris for answering all my calls and text message. I would highly recommend Le Bail Bonds!
    Christine N.
  • When you're in stressful situation you just don't know where to start. I'm so lucky that my friend Bryant helped me out and he referred over Chris. All the questions I had late at night, Chris's responses were so quick and it really eased my soul a little bit lol. He was on top on providing information that I didn't know I needed. Thanks you guys!!! Will definitely refer you guys
    Stefani N.
  • I normally don't do feedbacks on Yelp, but I have to shout out to Chris for his hardwork! I was referred to Chris from my lawyer on the day that my family went to jail. I was so worried and want to bail him out asap, but it was after working hour as well as holiday, we cannot do anything much buy wait for the bail releasing until we reached out to Chris. Chris was very patience, responsive, and informative. The only ask from us was to ensure my family could be bailed out by tonight. Chris kindly helped throughout the whole night, checking with the police office per half hour on the status of the bail release. Eventually, we got very good news from Chris ~10:45pm. My family can finally be release by the same day he was taken! Huge thanks to Chris! Without him we wouldn't know all detailed information in time, he saved us  from the torment during the night.
    Elena L.

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